Thursday, December 22, 2005

India vs China

So you thought you have heard enough about how India lags behind China in infrastructure, FDI in manufacturing and what not. There is one more aspect added to the list.

We have only 3 universities in top 500 while China has 18. Read this.

I think we need better politicians. But more important then that is the fact that I need to start voting. We discuss so much about corruption and bad policies and dumb people getting elected but it's of no use unless and until we start voting.

I am going to start voting. What about you?


ConfusionRuins said...

Kya aapne polio ka teeka lagvaaya?

Gupta said...

Well said! Well said !

HALLABOL! ...and on this note, let's hope that New Year outshines the one gone by...

May we continue to be the bakc**ds we are !! :P