Monday, February 28, 2005

Washing powder Nirma

Ferry day trip ticket.. 15$
Backardi breezer.. 5$
Aaloo Parathe.. 8$
Listening to "Washing powder Nirma" jingle in a Sydney restaurant.. priceless


Friday, February 25, 2005

Indiresen’s Law

"Second-rate persons select third-rate persons.’’

--Dr P V Indiresen
Director, IIT Chennai

Friday, February 18, 2005


Spent two hours on a seven page chapter about "Understanding the Pitfalls of GetHashCode()".

Total waste.

Communist Party of Australia

The members of communist party of Australia are so afraid of retribution that they ask newspapers not to publish their real names.
That piece of news made my day.

Wondering when this will happen in India.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Dotnut talks about the higher powers

Read: Algorithmic and Heuristic approaches towards software development

Well yes, we both played in the hands of the higher powers at the same place for quite a long time and ended up slogging our ass off for products, one of which sold a couple of licenses and one which never materialised. Anyway I never thought that product is going to sell a single copy. Good that two people bought it. God bless them.
Lesson learnt: "Nobody is going to listen to an engineer who knows something about bzness. But they will listen to people who know little bit about bzness and nothing about technology."

Now, engineering degrees. That’s one sore point. People who get them now days are not engineers but mugpots. You mug, you score and you get a degree. They simply don't have the ability to think on their own. Being from a reputed college can assure you that the degree holder has some firepower, at least the will to succeed and be more then 'one of the guys'. But that’s about it. The same goes for certification, for example just ask a .Net certified professional (?) about Tracing and you can see him going belly up. Yup!! Even I am one and that’s how I know.
One should hire people who can think and solve problems, may be not even solve problems, just give an approach. The rest will follow.

As far as approaches towards software development goes, let me assure you that we do very little software development. We are mostly into maintenance and support.
And that’s why you see most companies applying the Algorithmic approach and hire people who can be typist.

Software industry in India is young. Infact we are a young nation, just 50 years old. But the software industry is not that young abroad. Here, I am sitting next to a professional who has thirty years of experience in this field. And let’s accept it; this is just like any other industry which will be affected by the economic cycle. Sun will shine in the day and long nights will follow. That's the way it is for people who make Steel and that’s the way it will be for us.
We are not eespesial!!

Rahi baat Chinese logon ki to, may be one day their cheap typists will replace our typists.

Big deal.

Monday, February 14, 2005


After working with my first employer for two years and struggling with the lack of process now I am working for a company where they generate more process documents then code.

They simply do not let you code.

For the last project I kicked off, I prepared 12 documents in two weeks time and then I was left with 10 days to finish the coding effort for the first phase. And that’s not the end. In those 10 days you have to fend off efforts of a quality manager who knows nothing about the difference between 'by ref' and 'by val' but when you try and reason with him, comes and tells you that since he is studying for MCAD so you should take his word. God bless Suhas who handled that jerk. You cannot argue with dumb people because once you start doing that they will drag you their own level and that’s the end of it.

As the saying goes "Excess of anything is harmful". But to decide the threshold you need intelligent people, which we don't have.

Is there God ?

That’s one thing I asked myself again and again after hearing about people dying in the killer tsunami. How can somebody give a reason for such destruction where innocents were killed in such a cruel manner?

Rajeev tries to give us some answer’s here:
Rajeev Srinivasan: Does God discriminate?

But the contradiction is evident when he sums it up as “We fall back upon something ancient, atavistic and mystical: faith; this is the only comfort when we are overwhelmed by catastrophe.”

Please note that 'this is the only comfort'.

As Khattar Kaka would have said “It is for people to feel comfortable, to console ourselves that God is there and he will take care of everybody. It is for people who have done the hardwork and got nothing out of it, to feel better by thinking that God is there and they will get their due in heaven”
May be it’s a influence of reading Khattar kaka (By Hari Mohan Jha ) but nevertheless….
….because no other reason holds good.