Monday, February 14, 2005

Is there God ?

That’s one thing I asked myself again and again after hearing about people dying in the killer tsunami. How can somebody give a reason for such destruction where innocents were killed in such a cruel manner?

Rajeev tries to give us some answer’s here:
Rajeev Srinivasan: Does God discriminate?

But the contradiction is evident when he sums it up as “We fall back upon something ancient, atavistic and mystical: faith; this is the only comfort when we are overwhelmed by catastrophe.”

Please note that 'this is the only comfort'.

As Khattar Kaka would have said “It is for people to feel comfortable, to console ourselves that God is there and he will take care of everybody. It is for people who have done the hardwork and got nothing out of it, to feel better by thinking that God is there and they will get their due in heaven”
May be it’s a influence of reading Khattar kaka (By Hari Mohan Jha ) but nevertheless….
….because no other reason holds good.

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