Monday, February 14, 2005


After working with my first employer for two years and struggling with the lack of process now I am working for a company where they generate more process documents then code.

They simply do not let you code.

For the last project I kicked off, I prepared 12 documents in two weeks time and then I was left with 10 days to finish the coding effort for the first phase. And that’s not the end. In those 10 days you have to fend off efforts of a quality manager who knows nothing about the difference between 'by ref' and 'by val' but when you try and reason with him, comes and tells you that since he is studying for MCAD so you should take his word. God bless Suhas who handled that jerk. You cannot argue with dumb people because once you start doing that they will drag you their own level and that’s the end of it.

As the saying goes "Excess of anything is harmful". But to decide the threshold you need intelligent people, which we don't have.

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