Thursday, April 27, 2006

Comics are fun!!

He he he he!! A perfect forward for my to be Shop floor manager friend. Read/see here.

Today morning I got up and read "The Gold Hunt" starring Mike Nomad. Ofcourse, published by Indrajal comics.

And since it is hot in Banaglore these days, so for sometime I felt like the school summer holidays have started and I am a kid with loads of comics to read :)

Do read the "
The Comic Project". So what if you are no more a kid and Indrajal Comics publication has stopped. Comics are fun. Keep reading.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

say no to dowry. stop female foeticide

Monday, April 17, 2006

Re: Non Prophet Organization

Just in case Scott edits my comment in reply to his post.
Here is what I said:

All this second hand information about what God said confuses me. Can the real god please show up?

I am a hindu and as per hindu mythology we have real god's appearing to preach us. Not that I believe in it but yeah it helps in making this discussion vague.

Now we have two points to debate:

1. Second hand account of meetings with God written and re-written by lots of hands.
2. God's own account written and re-written by lots of hands.

I think I have already moved away from the main question which is always good for overall health of the discussion.

Different avatars of Maharaj

Pig Olympics

The Pig Olympics is going to start in Moscow.

Can we send one from India? Just to participate you know, as usual. We as a nation don't lust for medals.

I have somebody in mind. Any sponsors ;)

And mind you, don't go by the cute picture on the right. Looks are deceptive.


Read the Gilly chatter.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Nerd Attention Deficiency Disorder... or NADD.

From Rands in Repose
NADD is present in your life when

1) You've checked out... you don't own a TV and it's unlikely you're even reading this column.

2) You enjoy your media/content in moderation. When I asked you to count how many windows were open on your desktop you either said, "One, my browser for which to read this article" or you made yourself a note to yourself to check this AFTER completing this column. In a previous age, you were the type of person who kept their pencils very sharpened.

3) You enjoy the content fire hose. Give me tabbed browsing, tabbed instant messaging, music all the time, and TIVO TIVO TIVO. Welcome to NADD.

Point two and three hold good in my case.

And why it's good news for me

1) Folks not afflicted NADD think those who are can't focus because, look at us, we're all over the place. PLEASE STOP CLICKING ON THINGS -- YOU ARE GIVING ME A HEADACHE. Wrong. NADDers have an amazingly ability to focus when they choose to. Granted, it's not their natural state and, granted, it can take longer than some to get in the zone, but when we're there, BOY HOWDY.

2) Weblogs are designed for those with NADD. The web digested into short little blurbs of information. NADD heaven. My guess would be that the population of regular webloggers is mostly NADD-afflicted. Otherwise, they'd be writing books... not paragraphs... at random times of the day... always.

3) NADD can advance your career... if you're in the right career. Ever worked at a start-up? Ever shipped software? What are the last few weeks like? We call it the fire drill because everyone is running around like crazy people doing random, unexpected shit. NADD is the perfect disease for managing this situation. It develops the skills to sift through the colossal amount of useless noise and hear what's relevant.

I am a suffereing (pun intended) from it. Are you?

Unwanted features

What is the use of a mobile phone?

  • Make and receive phone calls
  • Send/receive text messages.
  • A FM tuner (but radio city sucks so I may not opt for it)
  • A MP3 player
  • Extra slot for a SD card.
  • If you are a high end user you may want to sync your e-mails and calendar with your PC.

But why will you want a stupid CMOS camera on your phone? I don't have a use for that so why should I pay for it.
One of the reasons why I still have my Sony T230 (apart from money money money) is that every phone with the feature set listed above comes with a Camera which I do not want to pay for.

For me that camera is like:
  • A Vaccum cleaner with a TV attached. You will not get bored while cleaning.
  • A Fridge with ringtones, You open the door and it plays ringtones.
So Sony T230 lives on.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

joie de vivre


My city again


My city

Monday, April 03, 2006


No constipation? Relieved ?

Now sing this song, again from Himesh Reshamiya Bhaiya.

zara jhoom jhoom zara jhoom jhoom
zara jhoom jhoom zara jhoom
tu hi arzoo hai tu hi mera hai
jehan-o-jiya pe tu hi sanwaar hain
dil mein macha di tune dhoom dhoom
zara jhoom jhoom zara jhoom jhoom
zara jhoom jhoom zara jhoom

Are you ..

.. still struggling with constipation?

Remedy # 2 ( courtsy my kid sister)

samjho na kuchh toh samjho na
aalam betaabiyon ka
kaise tumko bataayen
dil ki pechida raahen
chaahen tumko hi chaahen
samjho na kuchh toh samjho na