Monday, April 17, 2006

Re: Non Prophet Organization

Just in case Scott edits my comment in reply to his post.
Here is what I said:

All this second hand information about what God said confuses me. Can the real god please show up?

I am a hindu and as per hindu mythology we have real god's appearing to preach us. Not that I believe in it but yeah it helps in making this discussion vague.

Now we have two points to debate:

1. Second hand account of meetings with God written and re-written by lots of hands.
2. God's own account written and re-written by lots of hands.

I think I have already moved away from the main question which is always good for overall health of the discussion.


Anonymous said...

Scott asked for the opinions of believers only. Do you always have a hard time following instructions or were you just born contrary?

Jaggi_Jaisa_Koi_Nahin said...

sahi hai beta,
mast post kar raha hai.....maharaj jee ko mera sadar pranaam kehna ;;-))

An Ideal Boy said...

Anonymous coward, dim wit moron Get lost!!
I hate you.

Jaggi puttar, Maharaj khush hue :)