Thursday, December 01, 2005

I am back, so here I go

May be its time to give you some glimpse of the changes that are taking place in my small home town. Ofcourse one by one.

Flashback to 1994

I wanted to make an STD call to my dear Papaji. I cycled three kms to reach the head post office. Waited in a queue of four for my turn. Made a two min phone call with a stop clock ticking in front of my eyes. Paid the bill given to me by the operator, which was quite a sum. And ofcourse, cycled back home.

Cut to present

In a family of ten( Kids included) we have five cell phones, four landline connections and two broadband connection.
At the max I can boot out a couple of them but still. And if you think its no big deal then take this. We got a broadband connection in my small town in flat fifteen days.
And if you still think its no big deal then I will like to tell you that for our first telephone connection we waited for one and a half years.

Some change huh!! More to follow.

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