Thursday, November 10, 2005

France is burning

"As far as I'm concerned in this war against Islamofascism, since they think nothing of killing innocents in a marketplace bombing, I don't mind loading Google with Google bombs for them. If Sarkozy did it, good for him. Those kids are riff-raff. At their age I had been without any parents for ten or fifteen years, dragging myself up with my bootstraps and learning about life on the run. These kids have a home, cell phones, notepads and plenty of money for leather jackets and jewellery and still have both parents at home along with the rest of their families. They're just not grateful for what they have. From where I stand, lots of them have a lot going for them...they're just not making use of it."
-- A French commenting on the rioters in France.

This precisely is the condition all over the world. Islam is going to define this century for us just as Hitler defined the previous one.

One major concern that I have is that Muslims are not ready to give any rights to others but they want it for themselves. For example how much religious freedom an immigrant will get in UAE or any other Islamic country. But they demand this when they live in a secular nation.

And they feel victimized
. Among the muslims it's a common feeling all over the world. Be it J&K in India or the suburbs of France. I don't know what this french man says is correct or not but it's true in India. Just look at J&K, it gets the best of aid among all states but still.....It never seems enough. They are always complaining.

There is a lot I want to write about this usual lot's of work.

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