Friday, August 12, 2005

We get to read it from the phoren media

Its bad when Hussain draws nacked picture of our godess. Media gives it all the publicity possible. And the Hindus are the bad guys if they protest. How intolerant of us!!

And then this happens.

And guess what we get to read it from the phoren media. All our secularists keep mum, not a word in the papers or the news channels.

I smile.


Sinfully Pinstripe said...

Nopes, pal. I think you missed it a bit. It is not because of a hindu god or a muslim god. It is because of the uber-popular Mr. Hussain and the non-entity Mr. Agarwal.
When another uber-popular Ms.Nasreen wrote on the Muslims, the same shit happened. Let's accept, religious fundamentalism is widespread, and appeasement of religious sentiments at whatever cost, is a general malaise.

An Ideal Boy said...

I agree Ginsoaked. I was pointing to the appeasement of religious sentiments by Media.