Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Ball of his life

Like million others I assumed that the 2nd test is a two ball affair and went out to reclaim my life. And while I was cooling my heels in the hills of Ramanagaram, somebody played the ball of his life. Some match, I just could not get enough of it. Read every bit that was available on the net and watched the highlights with my eyes wide open.

And this happened when I thought I was loosing interest in Cricket. It's been more then a year since I have touched a cricket bat and the dismal performance of Indian cricket team has not helped either. Indian cricket reminds me that yesterday, in TOI Chappell was talking about leaders in the team. It seems he needs 10+ leaders in the team. That sounds like some corporate bullshit. Why can't people just shut up and do a sensible and honest job? I know 3-4 matches are not enough to judge him but I don't like people who speak before they act.

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