Friday, July 15, 2005


Picking up from here.
Somehow felt this needed more attention then being merely a comment on somebody's blog. Not to mention the underlying guilt of misusing somebody's personal space. Sorry Reva, my apologies.

Hah Anonymous, AIB is here to clear away all the confusion you created with your incoherent rambling. Usually I leave people to suffer in their own misery but this one made me feel miserable myself. I hate your kind of self righteous pseudo asses who act smart and think they are the best.

Let’s talk about Conversion? Yes I have problems with the Benny Hinn types. Yes I will always have a problem if they try and change the demography of my country. I hate Bangaldeshi immigrants and I hate people who want a free labor market with Bangladesh. I want India to be a Hindu majority country. Very true that I was not here all the time to protect my religion but there were like minded people or else how do you think Sikhism evolved. Go read history instead of writing essays.

In Hinduism there is only one kind of follower, the Realised Rishi, in your own word “Those who follow one God and feel that a person who prays to any other - in whatever fashion that might seem apt to him or them is ultimately his own God”. And that’s why I say that I am a proud Hindu. Ayodhya was one example of our tolerance and our will to live in harmony with others. No other religion and its followers have this trait. You are far away from the ground realities annoyed baby, get a life.

And wow, it’s not Islam that disagrees with all other religions. It’s just that all the people who follow it, happen to disagree with others who follow some other religion. And hence the bombings and terrorism activities. You deserve a night out with Aishwarya Rai for all your the dumb observations. Kindly arrange one and have a nice time.

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