Friday, July 01, 2005

The end of 18th main

July 2002: Hostel life comes to an end and we move in to Kuteera, 18th Main. Some of us had a job, some don't. But there was hope. As Ravi said, Kuteera was an extension of hostel life. A stop over point for all the RVCE hostel guys.
I had a damn good time there. Thanks to Manu, Gupta, Ravi and Bhaiya.

Sad that I had to leave the place because of two pests. My heart felt apologies to you guys. I owe it to you. When I look back, I feel that was a golden opportunity to get rid of some stupid people from my life and all I did was mess it up for all of us. I am doing that now. Better late then never.

Bhaiya, All the best.
Pune, get ready. Its going to get much more noiser.


Anonymous said...

Who said hostel life ever came to an end. It's just that we don't live it 24x7 now !

I feel like I'm back in our college hostel whenever I meet any of our gang members. Come any weekend and I start praying that someone come down to Hyderabad.

Indeed, the days at Kuteera were great! Who minds the occasional ups and downs; it's all a part of the deal!

Yet another soul heads out of Bangalore. Bhaiya, all the best !!

- Gupta

silverine said...

Hey best of luck mate. Pune chicks look out comes a truly Ideal Boy!!!! :)

An Ideal Boy said...

I am here for some more time. Somebody is holding me back.

Guys sorry for the wrong address. Its 18th Main. Btw Kuteera is socked in Gin these days.

Sinfully Pinstripe said...

Oh oh, someone is talking about my home, ain't it?

18th main it is. Kuteera is now again all RV. And Ideal, you should drop down sometime, you know.