Thursday, May 19, 2005

Report card

A long as everything happens on a scale of ten,... Posted by Hello

This is one example of where ass licking can take you. Pretty high. Sigh!!
Not that Manmohan Singh is a buddhu and that he is not a nice guy but still where he is, is all because of ass licking.

Picked from Indian Express


silverine said...

Manmohan Singh, he is my hero, whatever u might say. And I admit.... he is the only politician I actualy like. cmon man he and Narasimha Rao are the reason we sit in these cubicles hammering on the keyboard, rather than in some dingy govt. office tap tapping on Godrej type writers.

An Ideal Boy said...

I simply don't get it. People take what is fed to them, like Chacha Nehru and Children's Day.

Think, think on your own.

Reforms was the need of the hour. When Manmohan singh took over as the finance minister we were in troubled waters, what with the secular, principled, socialist Chandrashekhar stooping as low as to mortagaging gold. Any plus two pass would have done the same in that situation. You don't need a phoren degree for that.
He is a nice man, I agree. But he is an ass licker and that way he is on par with the likes of Ambika Soni and Gulam Nabi Azad.
And so he sucks.