Monday, September 13, 2004

Memory use in .NET

I was tinckering around with Performance Monitoring in .NET.
Here is something I found out
"Task manager in Windows shows the memory requested by the Application and not the memory used by the application"
From my side
"If a application has requested and has been allocated more memory (remember it may or may not be using it) then you need not get worried about it and say Oh!! my app using so much memory and try and optimize it because when OS needs the unused memory , ( when OS is low on available memory and some other application is requesting for it ) it will reclaim it automatically."
As of now its consistent with the results I am getting.
For amusement, create a simple Win App in Dot Net, run it and chk the memory usage in task manager.
Now maximize and minimize it and again chk the memory used by it.
For answer go to
.Net Urban Legend

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