Monday, October 17, 2005

West Bengal's virtual deindustrialisation

"In his zeal to reverse this process of West Bengal's virtual deindustrialisation"
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Now whats virtual about it? Its real sir, real. Anybody who has seen towns like Asansol and Durgapur in the past will agree with me. What once used to be a vast industrial hub is now a ghost town. When the West Bengal governement says that they have excess electricity, don't be fooled there is no addition to the power generating units. All that means is that the industries which used to consume the majority of power have all closed down.

Just to give a glimpse of how it all works. Some 3-4 years back my Dad got a chance to visit the Durgapur steel plant. He told me that to do some mundane job in a blast furnace they have recruited 8 people. A single person can work for two hours a day and finish the work on time. You will that its plain simple stupid. The company is never going to make any pofit with such policies in place. But the management can't do anything about it because if you touch even one worker the trade union will go on strike.

Enough of West Bengal, now the same is happening to my state UP as well. Reason is different, in this case its criminalisation. Pretty sad but true. And I can't complain because I don't vote.

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