Sunday, June 26, 2005


Somehow this bangaladesh keeps popping up in my mind. May be its because I have seen the damage they can do the local economy, law and order etc. For a first hand experience come to my hometown.

Why bangaldeshis harbour so much of hatred against India. Give me one single reason except that we are a hindu majority country.

Now look at this. I have never been able to understand this Kuldip dood. I mean what's his problem.

"We should not fence our borders with bangladesh, we should give work permits to bangladeshis, we are hurting their pride and self respect by doing this. Bangladeshis are well meaning people who want to be close to India, they have realised it now."

What nonsensical, crap, disgusting stuff. What else he has, to support his arguments except his whims and fancies.

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Sinfully Pinstripe said...

He has no clue. I have a clue. Ask me.