Monday, April 25, 2005

Chicken anyone?


Slang. A coward.

Slang. Afraid; cowardly.

intr.v. Slang chick·ened, chick·en·ing, chick·ens
To act in a cowardly manner; lose one's nerve: chickened out at the last moment.

To chicken out” means “to become scared and not want to do something”.

Hell, I hate chickens. I like eggs, with the sunny side up.

And yes the north-south divide does exist and I am experiencing it from unexpected quarters.


Anonymous said...

But of course the divide will exist … go ahead FIX IT!

- herself, ignoramus

silverine said...

Hi Ideal Boy.

Come on cheer up now already! You sound so down and out. btw you are a rarity among ur peoples. With guys like you I am sure we will soon close the NS divide!

ConfusionRuins said...

Yeah! Y not!

Sinfully Pinstripe said...

North-South divide? Getting cleared? Who's kidding whom? As an outsider, I say, it will take a miracle, umm... not just one, a spate of them....

Clannism and xenophobia are things which have never been removed, and never will. Best thing is to exert moderation and control....

An Ideal Boy said...

Spot on Gin Soaked Boy.