Friday, July 02, 2004


I am using Dabur Red toothpaste these days.

Comments made by my flatmates :
Neeraj: "Its different. It makes me nostalgic"
and Smarty was his usual dumb self
"It will make your teeth shine, Wow!! so much foam."

Smarty deserves a midnight cold water bath and willl get it very soon.

But its going to make you feel nostalgic only when you have used
Dabur Lal Dantmanjan when you were a kid.
Who can forget the classic ad associated with this product.

The middle aged Master-ji says "Bachchon yeh hai hamare danton ki banaawat. Raju tumhare daant to motiyon jaise chamak rahe hain"
And Raju replys "Kyon na hoon masterji, main dabur ka lal dantmanjan jo
istemal karta hoon"
Another smart-ass student follows up with "Aur Master-ji Aap ke daant?"
and then comes the jingle
"Danton ki kare hifajat moti sa chamkaye dabur laal dant manjan se mukhda khil khil jaye"

I cannot forget masterji's face in this ad and i cannot forget masterji's decaying teeth.
Wonder why they don't make such ads these days :(

Later they started showing a censored version of the ad where the "Aur Masterji, app ke dant?" part was cut because there was protest from Teachers Association.


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